PEACE is one of fifteen books that comprise The Self-Awakened Child series, a dynamic character education program created by Jonathan Wolff that builds self esteem, critical thinking, and healthy relationships – what we now call “emotional and social intelligence” – in young children.

PEACE, the first book in the series, was released in October 2007. Revised editions of ASSERTIVENESS, CARING, COURAGE, CREATIVITY, FORGIVENESS, HONESTY, KINDNESS, LOYALTY, RESPECT, RESPONSIBILITY, SELF-DISCIPLINE, TOLERANCE, TRUST, and UNITY will be available in 2008.

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Each book in the series features exercises designed to sow the seeds of the full expression of the character of the children we live and work with. Each exercise has been tested in the heat of battle by parents and teachers around the world with proven success.

These exercises include:

  • an interactive fable that creates a blueprint for behavioral change

  • role plays that help children explore alternative choices and the consequences of their feelings and behavior

  • age-appropriate terminology that defines, identifies, and frames the quality in a way children can understand

  • “conscious cueing,” a technique to help children commit to behavioral change

  • an affirmation for creating and cultivating positive thoughts and behavior patterns

  • self awareness / self assessment exercises that help children identify their feelings and behavioral choices

  • guidelines for acknowledging children’s accomplishments and efforts to change their attitudes and behavior

  • guidelines for responding to children’s questions and concerns

  • additional qualities that serve as prerequisites, catalysts, and balancing agents in the development of the quality

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The Self-Awakened Child books advance our commitment as educators to understand and guide the whole child. If we are to provide our children with an education for life, this series is a must. - Dr. Paul Epstein

The Self-Awakened Child inspires children and the adults who use these materials to manifest the universal truths that unite us as one humanity. - Dr. Sheryl M. Sweet

These books have an amazing ability to bring out the best in our children. Teachers and parents find the exercises are effective, meaningful, and enjoyable – a natural, peaceful approach to supporting children's growth and development. - Angela Nicholson